Thursday, March 9, 2006

The Word is Spreading!

The janitors' inspiring campaign is being noticed. Two of LA's best and most widely-read blogs, Defamer and LA Observed posted links to Picking Up After the Peacock today. The consensus from all the feedback we've received seems to be that a company like NBC Universal should be able to make sure that their janitorial contractors aren't paying poverty wages and no benefits. Makes sense!

From Defamer.....
Protesting janitors from NBC Studios and Universal CityWalk have started the Picking Up After the Peacock blog to bring attention to their labor dispute with the media conglomerate. They'veposted some photos (like the one above) of yesterday's picketing of CityWalk (motto: The Fourth Or Fifth Happiest Place In The Greater Los Angeles Area), a march that was no doubt jarring for the neon-dazed tourists who had to decide whether to believe the janitors protesting low wages and poor benefits or the nearby NBC Uni officials assuring them that this was a simulated demonstration to supplement their "Local Labor Strife Food Court," and that their hosing down of the sign-wielding throng was merely routine maintenance of the living exhibit.

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