Thursday, March 16, 2006

Janitors at Warner Brothers and Universal Studios Win Fair Contract. Janitors at NBC Studios and Universal City Walk Left Behind

Janitors at Universal Studios and Warner Brothers studios are celebrating a victory this week after ratifying contracts which set a new standard for janitors in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, despite these victories, janitors at NBC Studios and Universal City Walk continue to earn poverty wages and receive no health insurance.

“We are proud to have fought and won real improvements for janitors in the entertainment industry,” said Felix Cisneros, a janitor at Warner Brothers who has worked in the industry for more than 27 years. “We have now set the standard and it is time for all the companies in the entertainment industry to make sure that janitors are treated with respect and dignity.”

Leoncio Miranda, a janitor at Universal Studios who is part of the negotiating committee at Universal Studios says that although the new contract represents a tremendous victory for the workers, for him and his family, “we recognize that in order to maintain the benefits that the company was attempting to take away, janitors at all NBC/Universal facilities must be organized.”
Miranda says union janitors will join their counterparts at NBC Studios in Burbank and at Universal City walk, as well as others in the industry to continue their fight for justice for janitors in the entertainment industry.

Tomorrow, janitors and allies will distribute informational leaflets outside of NBC Studios highlight the janitors' plight.

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