Friday, March 10, 2006

How Can Janitors at NBC and Universal City Walk Afford to Raise a Family?

The answer? They can't! 

Today, we wanted to provide a link to an excellent study created by theCalifornia Budget Project, called Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Family in California?

Among the findings:
  • To make ends meet in Los Angeles, a single adult had to make at least $11.86/hour
  • For a single parent, once you factor in child care, additional housing costs and health care costs, the necessary wage shoots up to $25.97 per hour.
  • In a family where both parents are working full time jobs, they found that each parent would have to make at least $15.16/hour.

Looks like Facilities Support Services and Federal Building Services, the contractors used by at NBC Studios and Universal City Walk, as well as NBC Universal themselves, must not have received the report. At $6.75 or $7.00/hour for many of their janitors, we shouldn't be surprised to learn that many of the janitors at these facilities struggle every day just to keep a roof over their heads and their children fed.

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